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You might think that it sounds obvious to say that an accountant prepares sets of accounts and we'd have to agree with you. But for us that is only part of the help that we can give to a business and often it is the starting point for other parts of our work which can create value in our client's business.

Our aim is to help our clients with all aspects of their accounting. We offer our clients a reliable comprehensive service to meet their needs at a reasonable cost.

We are able to deal with all types of accounts from:

  • Sole traders who need accounts primarily to calculate their tax liabilities.
  • Partnerships who need accounts to agree the partners' profit shares as well as for tax purposes.
  • Limited companies who have to draw up accounts in accordance with the Companies Act.
  • Trusts whose accounts are needed by trustees and beneficiaries as well as to calculate tax liabilities.
  • Industrial and Provident Societies who have a legal duty to file accounts.

Manual or computerised?

We are used to dealing with both manual and computerised records so whatever method suits our clients suits us. We can advise on computerised accounting packages or methods of maintaining a manual system. We encourage clients to ask us about the best way to keep their records - it helps them to save our time and their money.


Sometimes the record keeping is not the best use of your time when running a business and that is where our bookkeeping team can help. We offer the option for our clients to provide their records at regular intervals throughout the year so that bookkeeping is one thing that they won't have to worry about.

Our bookkeeping service is tailored to our client's needs whether it is to prepare the VAT returns or management accounts for the business owners or for the bank.

Management Accounting

For some businesses it is useful to monitor progress through the year - for those clients we will produce management accounts and then discuss the figures with them, we can identify matters which need attention and discuss the ways in which those matters can be dealt with.

Accounts look at what has gone before and many people, accountants among them stop there. The approach is "that's what the books say" so that there is never any chance to change things by looking at the figures during the period. That is where our management accounts service can help.